What else can I use to clean my wound after double eyelid surgery?

Options for Post Surgery Wound Care – Eyelid Surgery

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Recently I had double eyelid surgery when I went back to Vietnam i am told to clean my wounds everyday. I am given natri clorid 0.9 percent and povidine. I clean my wound every day twice a day I ran out of natri clorid so what do you recommend to use the products are only sold in Vietnam.


Thank you for your question you submitted a question without photos but you’re basically describing a situation where you went to Vietnam to have asian eyelid surgery with y-ii.net and that you were given something called natri clorid and povidine for daily cleaning of your upper eyelids and you want to know if there’s an alternative to Natri clorid because it’s only sold in Vietnam and and you’re not there anymore.

So certainly I can give you some guidance on this question I’m a board certified cosmetic surgeon a fellowship-trained oculofacial plastic reconstructive surgeon, I specialize in among several things Asian eyelid surgery and have been in practice for over 20 years in manhattan and long island.

I think that essentially your your doctor’s intention is to make sure that the sutures remain clean are in terms of crust and sterile to avoid or at least to be sterilized I to avoid infection and so you were given this combination of sodium chloride solution sterile saline are sterile and  pividine or iodine solution to clean the incisions.

This is something different than what we do what we do in our practice I basically have our patients just wash their face normally and they apply antibiotic ointment to the stitches and then we take the stitches out in about a week.

So essentially if you want to follow the regimen as advised by your doctor then finding a sterile sodium chloride solution wherever you live should be fairly straightforward you should be able to get it at a local pharmacy without a prescription.

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I think your best option is to just find a local pharmacy and and ask about this and you be able to get something to help keep the area clean. I would also suggest contacting the doctor and it may be possible for you to just use an antibiotic ointment as we do in our practice because that’s also an option to just maintain a clean area and to help the incision heal before sutures are removed.

So that that is probably the simplest thing a natural chloride is basically sterile saline or sodium chloride so that it is this question essentially is a very very straightforward in get and finding an alternative to a brand name for something that’s pretty generic. So I hope that was helpful I wish you the best of luck and thank you for your question.

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