Hi guys,Today I’m going to show you guys how I apply Glue/Tape on my eyelids and I did show them before but it’s not in-depth so I hope this will help.

Video transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today isn’t gonna be any like cuts or things that I usually do because today I’m going to do something a little bit different and now you guys know that I’m on a roll of trying to answer all of the questions as much as possible.

A lot of you guys been asking me what comes to my eyes and some of you guys already know this the reason why I have double eyelids is because of this, or technically I have like semi-hooded eyelids. It’s just not prominent so sometimes when I do makeup tutorial where I really want my double eyelid to be prominent I use this.

I’m going to show you guys two different ways & you can pick ever way you prefer, so without further review let’s get started.

First technique I’m using the glue and before you use this make make sure that your eyelids are clean then look in the mirror & gently place the back end of the stick on your eyelids and see where can your crease to be.

Make apply of thin layer of glue onto them how you want your crease to be.

After the glue becomes tacky, use the tool to push it back in and hold it for a few seconds. Makes use the other side of the stick to press the fold.

Once is dry use the stick to pocket in gently to make it look more natural for me personally I feel that the glue looks more natural and easy to apply but it does wear quicker than the tape. I prefer to use the glue the glue after I apply my makeup to make it look a bit more natural.

Moving onto the tape first take out one piece of the tape and remove the glue stick as well as the side of the tape like so.

Do the same technique to fine your crease, then place the sticker just above your natural crease. Next take up the white part by pulling it out. For the other side use your finger to press the fold before pulling the other side.

Then use the stick again to push it inward to secure the crease, and secure it by pressing the fold.

Now that I have shown you guys two different ways. I’m going to show you girls my last trick and this started when I started using this and people been accusing me of doing double eyelid surgery and they say that they can see my scar and it’s not the case that all first some of you girls this might work for you but keep in mind that I have been doing this for a very long time for more than 5 years so my skin is really adaptable to it.

Anyway let’s go to it so for this technique it’s best to do to with a eyelid fall you have to is apply it on and wait at least like 30 minutes and the more you leave it on the more the effect will last now that’s been two hours I’m going to remove them and for me I think this methods only works with people who have hooded eyes or thin eyelids and as you can see the tape side still hold but not so much for the glue and pretty much after you’ve done all that you can just apply make like you usually do.

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