Review- Ultherapy Does it work?

Be prepared when you go into your first Ultherapy session. Do not think it’s painless and don’t schedule it if you are planning to go to a party in the next few weeks.

Video Transcript:

I’m Solesta welcome to find your purple i want to give you a brief rundown of my ultherapy treatment now all therapy is a fairly recent phenomenon i guess in the skincare industry is very popular in Hollywood, and what does basically it injures the tissue below this the surface of the skin and causing the body to react as if you’re wounded.

Because then it brings in more collagen which in the case of the sixty-year-old we don’t have a lot of collagen and naturally being produced the wound allows for that collagen which will then hopefully pump up the wrinkles tighten skin, brighten brighten the skin bring even more new skin cells to the surface you can go online there is a lot of things out there about it.

And you find out technically how it does i would invite you to check it out if it’s interesting but it takes six months from the time you get the treatment to the time you really see the benefit of it takes six months and that makes sense because you’re injuring the tissue will below the skin and you need time for it to come up you know created new cells and for you to see the results so it’s not something you look good for the weekend it’s not going to happen.

In fact in my case the opposite happened everything I researched or even groups of women talking some of them even said you can fall asleep during the treatment. Now there were a couple who said that didn’t work for them but they thought it hurt but I thought I could suck it up and do it in one session. Because I did my face down my neck and.and I had asked about the discomfort and they said you know everyone obviously has their levels of pain threshold and it probably is more painful than some to some than others.

But I figured well I had four babies and first two were natural and surely I do this i got in there and after about 45 minutes I couldn’t hold to it. It hurt so bad again I’m a wimp I said on other I will admit I don’t have high pain tolerance but may it hurt and she didn’t have time to really rest she was really good about letting you rest but she couldn’t drag it out for ever because there was another appointment coming after.

So we decided I would come back I already paid for it so I didn’t have a choice even though I didn’t want to in the next day I was badly bruised and I will put some picture in there so you can get an idea you’re mainly down this area and it’s look like a foo man shoe this is after it was healing for several days and it took several weeks for that to heal.

In fact I had cancel my next appointment because I said well if your tender don’t come back cause it’ll make it hurt more and lord knows I didn’t need that so was about five weeks before I wasn’t you know really painful to touch the main areas for me that hurts so much was the jawline it hurt really bad and bruise really bad.

Again when you look online people will say they can go back to work the next day and you know no problem well if someone had planned to go to and event or something and they ended up being bruised like me they would have been really irritated because it was too purple for make up to cover it.

I looked a mess and it took you know a few weeks for me to heal and I used arnica I did you know all that stuff did everything I could anything they recommend it. But the second time I went in one they didn’t have to go with deep the first time.

They managed to go the deepest so the second time was they do it in another path I guess and they go higher so I don’t know I’m sure it’s combination and and I also use the ditches of derma pin number I don’t know what’s properly many thing that’s what it’s called and I shared it in the derma roller and I’ll put the link below but It was I put it on 45 minutes before my treatment.

And so it numbed the top layers they had said most numbing creams won’t work because what they were doing with way below where the numbing cream won’t go but I felt anything with would have to help and so that second pass even though it was another 45 minutes it didn’t hurt nears bad it was manageable.

I don’t know that was for my first treatment or my second treatment. My first treatment was in April, my second treatment was in May and so six months will be till October so so I will check back within to see if anything’s happening on it.

It wasn’t cheap it was a few thousand dollars I got you know a pretty substantial discount from my daughter because of the company she works for they were offering them a discount so that I wouldn’t give you the price because the discount wouldn’t apply.

But anyway that was ultherapy and I’m hoping it plumps up this lines was here to that to decreases I don’t know if it’s gonna be able to do anything for that I got these lines appear I’m also adding dermaroller, I’m doing creams, I’m eating healthier so I’m hoping all of it I do think I look better and everyone’s telling I look better than when I started this journey in January and we’re now just into June so I think all of this is helping.

But again I just took making a decision to start taking steps to change what I eat what wear how I take care of myself and exercise and because every decision I make is going to change my future in mean time grab a cup of tea sit back and lets start sharing.

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