My Natural skincare routine

Hey guys so I thought I would share my current all natural skincare routine with you! There are so many great affordable natural skincare alternatives out there & these are some of them 🙂

Video transcript:
Hey guys welcome back to my this aids my skin care routine what I will show you today is and morning and night.

I do something nice for all cleansing method which I posted on my channel a while ago but I hadn’t read that is what I’ve been doing and I thought with you guys.

So if want to clean this I use once a week and maybe more if my skins feeling dry it’s just honey and brown sugar that helps fade scars removes dead skin and also softens skin.

Honey also antibacterial which is great if you have breakouts or any kind of spots that you want to get rid off. So I apply this to dry skin and if my skin is feeling extra dry then sometimes I use other masks and I leave it only for about 10 minutes and it really helps to soften my skin and just injected of life back into my skin.

So I also use the scrubs for my lips and I just put a little bit more sugar on my fingers as well when I come to cover my lips and I find that when I scrub my lips dry it makes so much of a difference compared to cover them when they are wet it just helps to remove the dead skin so much more.

So once this is done I just rinse off the honey scrub and I use one of my Dr.Bronner’s soap if I’ve run out of stitches so I’m gonna be using the peppermint one. This is a natural liquid soap and it’s gentle on skin and then non drying and it’s very concentrated formula, it lasts forever and you only need a little bit.

I just rub it into my face using circular motions and I also use this at night to remove my makeup as well.

It is gentle around the eyes but careful not to get the jojoba oil in the eyes because it contains mint and it’s just done forever.

So after that I just stab my face dry I don’t want it to be completely dry because the next one I gonna use soaked in a lot better when my skin isn’t.

So I have been using jojoba oil which is oil which is closest to the natural oil to our skin makes and I use about four to five drops of this and then I mix it with my moisturizer by sukin and this contains some amazing ingredients shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera rose hip just loads so I just take like off pump of that and I mix that with the oil and then I just rub that into my face and my neck.

I find my face being dammed really helps to lock I a lot more moisture of the paste applying it to aid dry face. Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like share comment and subscribe if you did and I will see you in the next video.

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