How I Naturally Cured My Cystic Acne

Video Transcript:
Hi guys welcome back I’m so excited to finally be forming this video this one is really special to me as a follow up from the last one that I posted on how I cover my acne and scarring if you haven’t watched that one yet I link it down below.

But if you did you know that after all I was done with the making routine I went in to discuss my shoulder with acne and talk about my journey and particularly with cystic acne.

I showed picture and I also spoke about some new lifestyle changes that I just begun implementing to see if I can naturally cure the cystic acne.

I really didn’t go into detail but this is why I’m creating this video because six months later I have not gotten one kind cystic acne break out. If you so good I really want to share with you guys what I’ve been doing to achieve this I know that like I said in the other video it could be so so difficult to have an in interview with cystic acne.

Usually in summer I get crazy break out all in my chin and this summer I haven’t had one cystic acne breakout. I’ve got a little break out with my period coming but they only lasts like 1 or 2 days for probably 2 to three days; and that’s it is gone and I can cover with makeup but those cystic acne they have not come back since I posted that video and everyone show you guys what I did.

Really quick,

The reason why we did six months the film is because I really want to show you real results I don’t want to  wanna we you know 4 weeks and all like 7 weeks I really wanted to be a good amount of time to show you that it’s not gonna happen overnight.

It’s gonna take some time but if you’re consistent with it then you can achieve it too just don’t give up on yourself. And like I said in the other video again you are beautiful and you have to love yourself no matter what acne with no acne but yeah if you wanna learn how I cured my cystic acne then please keep watching because we’re gonna get into it right now

Lesson starts….

Ok guys I’m starting off with the most important step and that is eliminating dairy I know it sucks you’ve heard it before but it’s true dairy contains growth hormones and inflammatory substances that can cause acne I noticed for me it was milk that was affecting my acne more than anything I only drink milk in the morning so I switch from 2% to non-dairy coconut milk. There are alternatives like soy or almond milk try different options see which one you like best I personally enjoy unsweet coconut milk from trader joe’s it is so good.

The next step is probably just as important as eliminating dairy and that is introducing probiotic foods into your diet this is a must I make my own fermented veggies which is basically like sauerkraut you can buy a sauerkraut from the store I like to make my own because they just taste better.

Now if you’re not familiar with probiotics they just promote good bacteria in the gut they prevent inflammatory responses that food such as dairy or gluten causes. In other words basically just heals your gut and this is important because you got pretty much controls your health there are tons of probiotic foods you can choose from I usually stick to fermented veggies I eat them with a snack or with the meal.

Now if you want to see how I make my own fermented veggies just let me know in the comments below.

Moving on to skin care my skincare routine is very simple right now I remove my makeup with jojoba oil this one is from trader joe’s it’s my favorite I also applied tiny amount after I’m done with washing my face.

Back in the day I would use all these harsh acne products all at once because I was so desperate right and all the end up doing was burning my skin and making my breakout so much worse. I’m sure many of you have done that or maybe arguing right now just tick the one you really don’t want to be nothing to your skin even one.

So lately what I’ve been doing is washing my face with Cetaphil and sometimes I’ll add a drop of dermalogica soap for my acne scars I use a night cream with a little glycolic acid around three times a week I use a really thin layer and I padded on instead of rubbing it I used the one from jouviance I’m not sure how I like it yet I will let you guys know once I start seeing a little bit more results.

The next two steps are pretty much a basic and everyone should know to change your pillowcases. About once a week our skin renews itself while we sleep so we wanna make sure whatever resting our face and our heads on is as clean as possible.

And also keep your makeup brushes clean you don’t want to keep reapplying last month makeup residuals that is just not a good look a makeup brushes carry so much bacteria. I try to clean mine once every two weeks or maybe once every week depending on how much I’ve been using.

Now you know I have been saying every step is really important but this one is as well you got to took the deuces to whatever stressing you out I know it’s easier said than done but stress plays a really big part on our skin sometimes what I like to do is to relieve some stress is sit down for a few minutes kind of reflect on my life give thinks maybe read a book.

I also exercised a few times a week listening to music helps me calm down to you got to find ways to relieve some of your daily stresses your mind and your skin will thank you for it.

And last but definitely not least drink water lot of it it helps clean our bodies and keep our skin nice and fresh alright that’s it for now I really hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope that you apply some of these steps into your lifestyle let me know if you do and let me know how they began working for you don’t forget to rate subscribe and share if you found this video helpful and I will see you in the next one bye.

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