Dr. Kotlus Tells How to Fix a Droopy Eyelid

Video transcript:

So what is the difference between the droopy eyelids and droopy eyelid skin?

These are two different things there is specific treatments for each of them and they don’t really overlap.

So a droopy eyelid is when the eyelid itself the edge of the eyelid is sitting in a low position where is droopy eyelid skin is where the skin hangs over but the eyelid is sitting at the right level itself.

Let me point this out to you in an actual example:

You can see color this patient has droopy eyelid on this side so the eyelid is hanging low and it’s actually covering her pupil in the way for vision because the eyelid is lowed created this larger shelf of eyelid on this side, now the other side she has a little bit of extra eyelid skin it’s not dropping into vision but that’s loose eyelid skin versus a low hanging eyelids.

So to correct a low eyelid we call this ptosis repair or droopy eyelid repair and so I’ve actually got inside in the eyelid crease and tighten the muscle on that side so you can see that the low-hanging lid is now higher and she can see through her pupil.

On the other side we have removed just a thin stratum of skin that she has a little more eyelid shelf showing and now we have symmetry between the two sides. Another thing that we’ve done with her is that we placed a little bit of filler underneath her brow.

Now how does it fill in the left brow?

When you lose fat under the brows over time things try to sag and they downward by replacing that volume you can actually create a lift so you can see she has an arch to her brow but with some filler, her arch is improved and she looks rounder which will see younger.

So we have a combination of treatments for her improvement of a droopy eyelid or ptosis correction we have improvement extra eyelid skin or her upper eyelid lift and we have brow filler or a non-surgical brow lift.

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