The Brow Lift is the new Eye lift Dr. Rodriguez

The brow lift is a way to lift the upper eyelids without removing any excess skin. Dr. Rodriguez, a Yale trained plastic surgeon, discusses why the browlift is the new eyelift. He’s been performing the brow lift procedure for over 20 years.

Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Ricardo Rodriguez and I’m the medical director cosmeticsearch. net. I train in Yale University where I taught a few years and now i have been in practice for 20 years.

Today we’re going to talk about the eye lift versus the brow lift so that you understand better why I choose most of the time the brow lift.

I’m going to explain to you why I choose the brow lift. Read more


Hi guys,Today I’m going to show you guys how I apply Glue/Tape on my eyelids and I did show them before but it’s not in-depth so I hope this will help.

Video transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my channel and today isn’t gonna be any like cuts or things that I usually do because today I’m going to do something a little bit different and now you guys know that I’m on a roll of trying to answer all of the questions as much as possible.

A lot of you guys been asking me what comes to my eyes and some of you guys already know this the reason why I have double eyelids is because of this, or technically I have like semi-hooded eyelids. It’s just not prominent so sometimes when I do makeup tutorial where I really want my double eyelid to be prominent I use this. Read more

Dr. Kotlus Tells How to Fix a Droopy Eyelid

Video transcript:

So what is the difference between the droopy eyelids and droopy eyelid skin?

These are two different things there is specific treatments for each of them and they don’t really overlap.

So a droopy eyelid is when the eyelid itself the edge of the eyelid is sitting in a low position where is droopy eyelid skin is where the skin hangs over but the eyelid is sitting at the right level itself. Read more